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Many brides see their wedding cake as more of a decorative feature than something for their guests to eat, and wedding cake designs are ever evolving. Here are the current top ten wedding cake trends:

Cakes inspired by bridal gowns:

There is a growing trend towards basing your cake design on the style of your wedding dress. Ivory, cream and white cakes are regaining popularity, and these are being decorated with pearls, diamante, fabric, flowers and pieces of jewellery to mimic the bride’s outfit. Some high end cake makers are actually working with dress designers to create couture cakes inspired by the designers’ collections.

Strong colors and bold patterns

For brides that want something different to the traditional white cake, strong colors and bold patterns such as polka dots are very fashionable. The cake colors can be chosen to complement the overall wedding color scheme; choosing a bolder shade of the bridesmaid dress color often works well. Large individual patterns such as flowers can extend across several cake layers to add impact.

Nikkah Cake

Nikkah Cake

A new twist on cup cakes

The trend for filling a large cake stand with individual cup cakes is still thriving, but some brides are looking for a new way to take this idea forward. One innovative solution is a traditional square layered cake with a couple of layers made up of tiny individual square cakes, fully iced and personalised for your guests. This is a more formal alternative to cup cakes but still means that each guest gets an individual cake.

Cake calligraphy

The trend for wedding cakes with writing on follows the fashion for monochrome cakes, as they tend to be white cakes with black iced writing. Many couples choose a single word or phrase, while others have a whole poem or verse in beautiful writing on their cake.

dholki cake, send cake in lahore

dholki cake, send cake in lahore

Decadent flavors

Chocolate wedding cakes are ever increasing in popularity, but many brides are also choosing to have layers in toffee, fudge, coffee, carrot, and fruity flavors.

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