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About Us

We are the Cake Experts

Bakisto – the cake company isn’t a brand name, or a business. Bakisto is a phenomena. It’s a set of values, morals, techniques, and principles together. It’s an amalgamation of talent, organic ingredients, taste, aspirations and technicalities. We called it bakisto family. It’s a family working together, a family that comprises of IT Consultants, Chefs, Cake Decorators, Customer Support Representatives, Photographers, Videographers, social media enthusiasts and of course, You!

Our clients have always been our priority. What differentiates us from others is our ability to conglomerate our clients’ needs and our talents to give out the best output to our clients!
Our clientele has always been a diverse set of people with different needs. Some require Mehndi Cake to Wedding Cakes to be covered, Kids Theme Cake to Picture Cake, Corporate Logo launching to Anniversary Cakes, we have huge range of customize cakes.

We’re proud to have been loved equally by both. We always love to make Corporate Cakes.

Bakisto are the cake experts and our customers know what they are getting, whether selecting a designer cakes, cupcake, cake pops, Macarons, Brownies and Naan Khatai from bakisto or roaming our website, you will see that quality is our default and we aren’t too boastful to say that we are the best. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

We are here to serve the nation, it’s our mission to make your life happier and more fulfilling, and, after all, what is more important than a delicious bespoke cake made in the honour of your loved one?

Bakisto is a cake company that produces and sells high-end baked goods to retail and wholesale customers. We aim to provide you with the latest “personalized cakes” and most popular cake themes to create your memories. You will consistently find the most up to date cake themes at our online stores. We stock a huge range of the top leading themes that you can rely on.

We do Personalize Corporate Cakes and Cupcakes too

Personalize with your own message or and upload your own photos and logos to over thousands of our designs. Have it delivered the next day or pre order up to 1 year in advance. We are specialized in Corporate Personalized Cake and Cupcakes.

If you like the way they look, then you will love the way they taste. Our cakes are all handmade to order and use only the best and tastiest ingredients. No cheap alternatives, no preservatives, no funny stuff.

If we haven’t the cake design you’re looking for, let us know and we will design one especially for you.

Mission Statement:

Passionately Creating Delicious Cake Products


Our Vision:

To be premier cake company by creating an exceptional product and customer service experience to new and loyal customers everywhere.

Company Core Values:

Our company Values guide how we work with our customers, each other and are the foundation for shaping our company culture. The Values are:

  1. Accountability: We acknowledge and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, time and policies.
  2. Integrity: We will always strive to do what’s right…even when no one is looking.
  3. Passion: We are passionate about our business, our brands and show pride in our brands and heritage. We delight our customers through the high quality of our products and services. We promote a positive and fun environment. We promote innovative ideas and solutions.
  4. Quality: To establish and maintain high quality standards in services and products and be curious in seeking improvements.
  5. Respect: We will conduct ourselves in a manner that values the individual needs and contributions of all stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  6. Continuous Improvement: We have the courage and determination to be innovative. We take risks in the pursuit of excellence.
  7. Customer Service: We exceed the expectations of those we serve. We work together to produce extraordinary results.
  8. Teamwork: One company, one team, one vision.
  9. Love: We care. At the heart of the bakery is a deep appreciation for the principles of traditional baking, of caring for our customers, community and how we impact the world we live in.

We are Punjab Food Authority Certified !

How We Work

We are very dynamic and ambitious people, who work for a common goal. Goal of making people more connected by means of gifts for every occasion. For us, customers are what matters most.

Every think we do, we first try to understand how it will impact our customers. And how our actions are making the life of our customers easy. And for that, we believe that independence of thought is of prime importance among all departments of our organization. We love to ask questions and answer at the same time.

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