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Terms & Conditions


  • All our cakes are hand made by our own chefs so you can cut out the middle man and have complete confidence in your creation!
  • All prices depend on the size, detail, and amount of work needed to create your custom, cake masterpiece.
  • All cakes have a 3-day shelf life from the date of delivery/collection and can be kept at room temperature for up to 4 hours after which it must be refrigerated. Cakes should not be kept in temperatures exceeding 23 degrees Celsius.
  • Our tiered cakes contain supportive doweling which should be removed before eating. The tiers should be taken apart for slicing.
  • Due to number of years in business have brought us great responses to our product in both quality and artistry. This is mainly due to extreme care and time that is devoted to every order we take and prepare it for you. In order to maintain the quality of delicious works of art, we must take care about enough time to prepare it before taking the order of your special day cake.
  • Of course, walk-ins are always welcome from Monday to Sunday to get their bakisto cake or grab some treats to share by choosing from our number of different cakes and cupcake flavors, grab-n-go cakes and other assorted sweets.


We have 3 methods of ordering custom cakes:

  1. Order from our beautiful range of cakes appearing on our website which has been specially created for our online store; or
  2. If you have your own Cake/Cupcake design, you can order through Personalized Cakes OrderPersonalized Cupcakes Order form.
  3. Come in for a personal consultation for a bespoke or customized cake.

We will always try our best to accommodate all orders but we cannot guarantee a particular date without confirmation of availability and capacity from our chefs. The minimum order time for online or consultation orders is 2 to 3 days from the event date.

By placing your order, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Placing an Order:

  • Orders can be placed on-line via our website or in person in one of our outlet. Please note we accept telephone orders only in special circumstances.
  • Full or 70% payment is required at the point of ordering unless agreed with us. You will be provided with an order confirmation with an order number and a payment receipt. If ordering on-line, check your junk mail folder as confirmations may be redirected there by your security software. Please check your copy of the order carefully and let us know if any items are incorrect.
  • Bakisto cannot accept responsibility for errors made during the ordering process by the customer.
  • Orders require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Wedding cakes and special or large orders require a minimum of 2 to 3 days.
  • The earliest possible fulfillment time is always offered when placing an online order.

Changes to orders:

Alterations to orders may be requested, but we may not be able to accommodate late changes. Additional charges may apply for any changes subject to specific case.

Delivery of An Order:

Where delivery is requested, it is the customers responsibility to ensure a complete and correct address is supplied, along with a correct phone number for contact. It is also the customer’s responsibility that there is someone to accept the delivery at the address. bakisto cannot accept responsibility for late or missing deliveries due to insufficient or incorrect information supplied, or because there is no-one to accept delivery.

Consequential Costs:

Bakisto will make every effort to fulfill you order correctly. In the unlikely event that this does not occur, please note bakisto does not accept any responsibility for consequential costs incurred due to errors made with products supplied or delivered from outside.

We do not commit 100% replication of designs and slight variations do occur due to technical limitations. Morever due to customize and parishable item, its shape or outer look can be changed with the passage of time by keeping in chiller, we dont accept any type of claim if it was delayed by customer because these designing or figurine can be stored for limited time.

Order Cutoff Times:

To be able to process and supply your order on the date requested you must complete payment by the store cutoff time, which varies depending on the order and the day it is required. If the cutoff time for an order is on the day you are placing the order it will be indicated clearly during the checkout process.

If the order is not completed and payment received by the cutoff time we will be unable to supply the product on the requested date, and we reserve the right to refuse any orders which are completed after the required cutoff time.

For more details contact our Customer Support Representative Call/Whats App:  0306 BAKISTO (2254786) during normal office hours 7 days a week

Pricing Changes:

Bakisto reserve the right to make price changes without prior notice but guarantee that no price increase will apply to any confirmed paid orders made by a customer for collection on a date after which a price increase has been made.

Risk of Damage in Transit:

We take precautions and provide special packaging to minimize the risk of damage to cakes during transit. However, we cannot accept liability if cakes are damaged when delivered by a courier or rider. As we do our best to deliver to you, uncertainty can happen with anybody anytime even when you have to pick up by yourself.

If your cake is damaged, please contact us to discuss options. Any refunds provided will be limited to the total cost of the cake or according to the product condition. There can be not any other claim as this is a perishable product that requires special environment.

Customer Responsibility: Delivery will be carried out safely and appropriately. Once the cake has been delivered to the customer and the product is in appropriate condition, it is the customer’s responsibility to store and care for the cake as per our instructions. We are not liable for any damage that may occur after this exchange.

Customer Liability: The customer is liable for any damage, accidents, or mishaps that may occur once the cake is released from the care and custody of the supplier or from our store. The bakisto bakery is not liable for any damage that may occur thereafter.

Transportation of the Cake: Once the cake has been accepted by the customer or on behalf of the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to safely transport it to its destination. Bakisto is not responsible for any loss or damage to the product after it has been received. Any complaints regarding the product should be raised at the time of acceptance to be rectified before handover.


  • We have several beautiful designs available on our website and our Consultants/ Cake chefs will be happy to assist you with a custom tier cake to achieve the perfect look for you.
  • Do consider elements such as your venue, gown, wedding dress color scheme and placement of the cake.
  • Do bring along to the consultation anything you think may be of use in helping your decision. We’d love to see the color swatches, pictures of your venue and wedding dress designs!
  • Generally, all wedding and tier cakes feature ribbon around the base cake board – we have a selection of ribbons in store from which you may choose to match the decoration or overall look.

Photography and Video Copy Rights:

  • We reserve the right to use photographs of our products for promotional purposes, We may take photographs of your ordered cakes or products for promotional purposes, such as posting them on our website or social media pages. By placing an order with us, you consent to the use of these photographs for promotional purposes. However, we will do it after your event or day of event. Their copy right will only belong to bakisto – the cake company, you can’t claim any objection or right for the photography and videos which are taken and shoot by our team.
  • All images of cakes or products displayed on this website are the exclusive property of to bakisto – the cake company. These images are protected by copyright law and may not be copied, reproduced, or used without our prior written consent. However, we grant permission to use these images for non-commercial purposes such as sharing them on social media, as long as they are properly credited to bakisto – the cake company.  Any unauthorized use of our images will be considered a violation of our intellectual property rights.


Bespoke designs or customization will be priced upon request. We can provide the following types of decoration:

  • Fondant;
  • Edible imagery
  • Hand painting
  • placement of toppers e.g. figurines, iced decorations or flower plaques*

All bespoke or customized decoration is priced dependent on the number of tiers to be decorated and complexity of the decoration.

We can source the flowers for decoration or the topper flower plaque, but it is recommended that your florist provides the flowers to ensure a match with your other flower decorations.

All type of chocolate and fresh flowers including imported fresh flowers are purchaced on order day by the request of the customer so availability may vary and company can change the type or design of the flowers as per the availabilty in the market. Also color difference in flower may occur based on the best match available in the market.


  • All prices are listed in Pakistani Rupees and bakisto reserves the right to change prices without notice.
  • Welcome to bakisto terms and conditions, which apply to your use of the bakisto website. By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by them.
  • Any orders made online with bakisto can be cancelled according to our cancellation policy. Any money taken will be refunded in the same method as payment. An email will be sent telling you that your order has been cancelled and refund issued.
  • We accept no liability or responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property caused by age recommendations not being adhered to. Products are only to be used for there intended use, and bakisto accepts no responsibility or liability for any misuse of products that cause damage, injury or loss to persons or property.
  • The use of the information and data contained on the bakisto is according to our privacy policy and is subject to change without notice. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained on our website is accurate and reliable, we take no responsibility however, for any information posted due to cyber-attack or hacking that isn’t accurate or reliable . Although, we have https:/ website which is more secured.
  • Although we take care in using large, well-known companies and banks for payments to secure you, we cannot be held responsible for circumstances out of our control.
  • Bakisto recommends that you read, understand and agree to all the information provided on this website, before making purchases.
Cake, Cupcakes, Cake pops & cookies:
All pricing depends on size and design. Contact us for a custom quote.

Collecting an Order:

  • If you have arranged to collect from our outlets, the cake will be available within the time-slot selected.
  • If for some reason you are unable to collect on the day specified, please contact the customer support team. We will hold the cake for you until the end of its shelf-life, when it will be discarded.
  • Once a cake has been accepted by the customer or on behalf of customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to safely transport to its destination. We (Bakisto) are not responsbile for any loss or damage of the product after receiving the productf. As you have a right to raise complaint at the time of accepting the product which can be ractify before handedover.

Unforeseen Circumstances Beyond Control:

Your order is booked under normal circumstances. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as rainy weather, city traffic jams, protests, or law and order situations in the city, delivery may be delayed or canceled. In such cases, delivery charges will be refunded, and the Bakisto team may request self-pickup.

If circumstances beyond our control, such as strikes, accidents, acts of God, national or local disasters, damage to premises, weather conditions, infectious diseases, or similar events prevent us from performing our services and delivery, we will keep the order until its feasible to deliver. We will not be liable for any further damage due to this.

Delivery Date Extension: If delivery is delayed due to causes beyond our reasonable control, the delivery date will be extended by a reasonable period. We will contact you to arrange an alternative time.


Bakisto cakes are hand-made, using fresh natural ingredients. Therefore, there may be slight variations in appearance from those shown in our publicity material. We reserve the right to replace unavailable components with those of equal or better quality.

Ribbon color as shown is illustrative only – if a specific color is required this must be requested at the time of ordering.
On collection or delivery, you will be asked to check the appearance of the cake. Please take the time to inspect the order, as bakisto cannot take any responsibility for visible errors not identified and shown to staff at this point.

Complaint Policy:

We are following best practices at our kitchens and outlets by following a continues hygiene & food procedures.

If the product does not fully satisfy your expectations, we can exchange it under following terms and conditions due to perishable and food items:

  • Exchange will be accepted for the same day.
  • Mishandled products will not be exchanged.
  • Exchange will not be processed without proof of purchase or invoice.

Customer Satisfaction:

We work hard at Bakisto to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.
If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase or the standard of our service, you should first speak to the manager of the Bakisto branch you collected your order from. Alternatively, you can contact us at Head Office via post, email or on-line form;

Customer Service Department
Address: 249-C,Shop # 01, PIA RoadMainBoulevard, PIA Housing Scheme, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Tel: +92 306-bakisto (2254786)


Or use our on-line form found under the Contact Us page on our website.

We will endeavor to give all complaints our urgent attention. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and we will work to resolve the matter within 10 working days.

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