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Prime Delivery

Need it Now? Introducing Prime Delivery

For our customers urgent requirements, we’d be happy to send a dedicated delivery just for you. Prime Shipping caters to your special time requests such as delivery at 09am or at 11pm or even at midnight.

Available Time for Delivery – Order before 03:00PM for Same-day delivery

Need it today? Order before 3PM PST and get same day delivery. We have variety of cakes in our display; Call/What’s app us for immediate purchase!

09:00AM-05:00PM – Free
Midnight 11:10PM-12:00AM – Pak Rs. 800 (Temporary Inactive Service)

Prime Delivery – Pak Rs. 400

Contact our customer happiness team to book Prime Delivery today., +92 306 2254786  +92 344 2254786 (BAKISTO)

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