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Celebrate with Cakes in Lahore

We have to thank Germans for our favorite birthday cake. You celebrate with Cake in Lahore, The first record of a birthday celebration is from the times of the Egyptians. In Ancient Egypt, when someone was crowned as a pharaoh, they were then considered to be a god. This coronation date was consequently incredibly important, and deemed more important than their actual birthday. In the Bible, there is a reference to the Pharaoh’s coronation day. This is believed to be the first note of a birthday, which was, of course, celebrated, to mark the amazing transition from human into deity.

Whether you’re baking a chocolate layer cake for a special birthday or a cheesecake for a neighborhood gathering, there’s a recipe here for you. They all deliver big flavor and satisfaction in each bite.

we cannot deny that birthdays and cakes have a long association. From blowing candles to smearing the cake all over the face, every stage of cake cutting has become a tradition. And with time, cakes have evolved into beautiful shapes and flavours; say cartoon characters, tier cakes and so forth.

Birthday Cakes For Parents

Parents don’t show but they love being surprised every now and then. If you want to surprise your mom or dad with a cake on birthday, try these:

Birthday Cakes For Beloved

If the birthday of your beloved partner is round the corner, give a love-filled treat that would bring a gleaming smile on the face

Birthday Cakes For Kids

There’s no kid who doesn’t love a cake. Your little kid’s birthday calls for the following amazing cakes.

Birthday Cakes For Siblings

Your sibling’s birthday? Make your sibling feel adored with some special cakes. There are a lot in our list. Here are a few for a guide.

Birthday Cakes For Friends

Friends are angels in disguise. A good friend is hard to find and you are lucky enough to have one, let them know the same by treating your dear friend with a cake.

Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories

Do you make custom cakes like Frozen character cake? And other character cakes?

Yes, bakisto the cake company is delivering amazing custom cakes in Lahore. Simple email us to inquire about pricing and feasibility or you can visit our website to order

Can you send a birthday cake?

When you can't be there in person, send a birthday gift they won't soon forget. Order in advance and choose your preferred delivery date. We will deliver a fresh birthday cake surprise on time, beautifully packaged, with a customized greeting.

How far in advance do you order a birthday cake?

We are often booked up many weeks ahead of time so the sooner the better to reserve your place on our calendar. While we are happy to book your date as early as one year in advance, we will only book tastings for wedding cakes up to 6 months in advance.

Can I send cake to Pakistan?

You can send cakes to the Pakistan by free delivery via bakisto, as we offer free delivery of cakes to the Pakistan. We also offer midnight cake delivery in the Lahore, which you can use to send cakes at 12 O'clock sharp on your friend's or cousin's birthday as an exciting surprise gift.

What is Customised cake?

A custom cake is any type of cake that goes above and beyond the call of regular cake work. This can include handmade fondant pieces, flowers, or attention to detail that is a little bit extra than a traditional style birthday cake.

Can bakisto make custom cakes?

Custom cakes are available in the Lahore on bakisto - the cake company. Cake availability may vary by outlet and while supplies last.

How much are custom cakes usually?

On average, a custom wedding, birthday cake costs between Pak Rs. 1100 to 1800 per pound across Pakistan. Several factors affect the average cost of a cake including the size of the cake, the ingredients, the number of tiers, the delivery location, and any special flavors or decorations

Are fondant cakes more expensive?

Fondant cakes are more expensive than other icings, or regular cakes, which is why most bakers recommend bakisto the cake company in Lahore for fondant cakes to order and receive at home

Are you supposed to eat the fondant on a cake?

You can eat the fondant on the cake if you can handle the sweetness as it is nothing but sugar. However, if the baker tells you not to eat, then that means it is made out of something that is not edible, just for decoration. Fondant on the cakes is usually melted sugar or royal icing which are are shaped and frozen.


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